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Theme Park Dreams & Budgets

Theme parks are the ultimate in bespoke projects! Anything and everything can be customised. As we say, we're only limited by our imaginations. And the budget. What?!?

Yes, the budget! An often ignored but important part of ensuring a project flows smoothly, stays on schedule, and opens on time, is having an agreed upon budget. Kings, multi-billionaires, and condo developers don't like to hear such banal things as limitations, but therein lies the key to success: accepting your limitations, engaging your creative problem solving skills, and doing the most with what you have. I would dare to say that the most creative projects are those that challenge designers, owners, and visionaries to live within their means.

For owners and clients, the best way of reducing chaos and ensuring smooth project delivery, is designing within one's means. To that end, IRMS has created a "Theme Park Dream Cheat Sheet." Here you can see the approximate ticket price, approximate budget, approximate number of attractions, theming level -- everything you need to size your dreams, approximately!

Of course, "everything depends" on economic context, site size and conditions, your appetite for untried technologies, market dynamics, brand partners, and yes, the geopolitical situation. But with a little luck, you can use the guide to dream, approximately!

Theme Park Dream Budget Cheat Sheet

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